Tax Preparation

Our tax professionals strategically formulate structured tax plans that increase tax benefits for both business and personal goals. We make use of computerized technologies and software in providing the most efficient preparation of tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations, not-for-profit organizations, estates and trusts.



We guide our clients through a full range of tax planning and preparation decisions with strategies that minimize your tax liabilities. Our expertise, experience, analysis, and thorough research allow us to optimize financial opportunities found in existing and recently altered tax laws.



Our tax approach is tailored at the corporate level to be responsive to the Company’s needs both with respect to planning and compliance issues. To understand the total tax posture of all parties, we review prior year tax returns and interview appropriate personnel to identify issues of economic impact.

We are proactive in providing tax planning suggestions on an ongoing basis. We place a significant emphasis on advance tax planning, particularly with respect to prospective transactions. Our approach to tax planning has several objectives, including minimizing the impact of taxes to the Company, obtaining the best financial results and planning transactions in order to minimize disputes with the Internal Revenue Service and other taxing authorities. Our assistance in tax planning extends to dealing with other advisors of our clients in order to obtain the best overall business and financial reporting results on the transactions.


Business Personal Property Tax Returns

One possible way we can help you reduce your annual tax burden is through a Personal Property Tax Analysis. The review verifies the removal of disposed assets and may reduce the value of your assessment for other non-includable items.


State Franchise Tax Returns

With our attention to detail and up-to-date tax knowledge, we are able to prepare your State Franchise Tax Returns. We will make sure that you receive any and all tax benefits that are available to your particular business.


Sales Tax Returns

Many of our clients are responsible for collecting and submitting sales taxes in many different vicinities. We can assist your company in the compilation of information and preparation of sales tax returns in an efficient and timely manner.


Estates and Trusts

We understand the diverse set of tax laws necessary to successfully plan the transfer of assets to beneficiaries and are proactively involved in providing the requisite individual attention to your situation. We ensure that you will receive the greatest tax benefit from your will, trust, gift contribution, etc. through our Estate and Trust Tax Return Preparation.